The Premise

There are 6,816 foundation shades on Sephora & Ulta’s websites. Looking at how all of those shades are named revealed something many people of color already knew: the beauty industry is full of microaggressions & anti-Black bias. This project was a deep dive into the types of names assigned to various shades of foundation in two of the biggest beauty retailers in the US.

My Contributions

  • Story ideation
  • Story direction and structure
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Front-end web development (HTML, CSS, D3, & Svelte) including new accessibility features


This story was in collaboration with freelance contributor Ofunne Amaka. As the creator of both CocoaSwatches and the app The BASEics, Ofunne is a subject-matter expert in this space. She helped me to structure the story and wrote the bulk of the copy.